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Reasons I Don’t Want to Meet You

Some people have such a sense of entitlement. They assume I want to meet them and play, just because they are them.

I now have years of experience with online shenanigans, meetups, good dates, bad dates, all sorts.
Here I attempt to list reasons I DO NOT want to meet up with you, Mister!

  1. You’re arrogant
    Confident is okay, confident is good. Arrogance is not. You’re just asking me to shoot you down, and I will.
  2. You creeped me out
    That joke you made about stalking makes you no longer worth the risk. Remember, I have options!
  3. You bore me
    “Hey how’s it going”, “so what music do you like”…. We can get to know each other, boring questions are okay in time when blended in with anything fucking interesting! Asking me three shit questions and expecting a date ain’t gonna happen.
  4. Your Profile Picture
    I want to see your face, full on, smiling. If you are hiding anything, I don’t trust you enough to meet up. If it looks like a mugshot, ditto. Dick pics: okay, nothing wrong with a sneak preview, but these should be secondary photos. DON’T HIDE!
  5. Your Ex
    Don’t mention your ex / exes. I don’t care, I don’t want to know.
  6. Too Deep
    Don’t get too heavy. Casual sites are not for heavy. The definition of “casual” is very fucking far from “heavy”. Look it up, don’t get too deep with me.
  7. Pervert
    I’m MORE than happy to get dirty with you if I like you and things go well. Bide your time though, let’s actually get on first! Early messages about my pussy or your love muscle will not go down well with most girls unless you’re REALLY lucky to catch us in the mood!
  8. Simply not in the mood
    I might be in super-bitch mode, I might have my period, I might have had a bad day but still hanging out online. Good luck getting anything out of me on days like that, you should give up now πŸ˜›

Avoid all of these things and maybe we can hook up soon πŸ˜€

Amy x

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