The First Meet

Okay, you’ve found the person you like.

You may have instantly lucked out and found them when you registered, it may have taken days, weeks even. But you found them.

You chatted to them, they seem cool.

Exchange texts, had a bit of banter – all good.

It’s decided: you really want to hook up with this person. How? Where!

The answer is in the chats you’ve had together. Look for clues.



Have they mentioned clubbing? Go to a bar.
Have they mentioned a love of food? Grab food (and wine!)
They’re more reserved, they prefer books: Grab a coffee
They’re more direct, they just mention wanting my genitals: Grab a hotel!

The answer of what to do next will always be in your chats. It’s rare you’ll bag a buddy without a good amount of chatting and laughing first, so look to your history in order to work out the future!

And on a serious note, safety is always paramount.
Here’s some tips on ensuring your safety at all times.


  1. If they seem cool, they probably are.
    So don’t fret, the overwhelming majority of people are cool
  2. RED FLAG = Requests for money
    Report any user who has requested money. Do not give them money!
  3. Make the first meet in public, until you’re comfortable
    Unless you can’t wait to absolutely cannot wait 10 minutes to fuck each others’ brains out, meet in a public place first time
    Get comfortable, then do whatever you want to each others’ brains!
  4. Tell a friend where you are
    For the first hookup, tell someone close to you where you are going and keep in text contact with them. Any good friend is happy to do this.
    They don’t need to know the full details of what you’re getting up to, just that you’re safe!
  5. If it doesn’t go as well as you like…
    Arrange a short first date with low expectations. If it goes well, great, extend.
    If not, you have an easy escape, no awkward excuses needed.

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